How to Keep Clothes in Top Condition

Before washing

  • Always read the label before washing. Use fabric conditioner (fabric softener), but first check which clothes you can use this with (on the label)
  • Check the pockets! We’ve all forgotten that tissue that likes to cover every item in the wash!
  • Button or zip up duvet covers and kids sleeping bags. Not only does this stop other washing going inside, it’ll protect any zip and stop it for twisting up in the wash.


  • Using a tumble dryer? Drying your clothes for too long will make it hard to iron out the creases and may actually shrink them. Giving clothes a quick shake before a tumble dry will speed up the drying
  • Drying outside is the best location, but if you dry inside avoid the kitchen or your clothes may retain any smells
  • Give all clothes a quick shake to straighten them out, before hanging.
  • If you hang your clothes on the radiator, this can also set the creases when leaving for too long
  • Use a plastic hanger for your shirts and dresses to keep them in shape


  • Shirts and dresses on hangers will stay looking freshly ironed for longer if you leave s space between each shirt on the rail. If you need more space ask us to fold your shirts and store them in a draw
  • Try to avoid thin metal hangers, your clothes will retain a better shape

Washing Out Germs and Viruses*

  • To minimise the possibility of dispersing viruses through the air, do not shake dirty laundry.
  • Wash sheets and towels at 60 degrees, if they allow it
  • Don’t leave laundry in the washing machine and allow viruses and bacteria to breed.
  • The NHS recommends to wash wash some items like sports kit, towels and baby clothes separately, at a higher temperature and with a bleach-based detergent – such as a biological powder for whites.

* Information Sources (21-April-2020)

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