Arrange your Ironing

Quick and Easy Ironing Service

Ironing Magic customers drop-off and collect their ironing. We’ll be super convenient, often available up to 9pm – that includes weekends too!

Text or call us on 07703 784 062 to arrange.

No minimum quantity or price.


Customers provide hangers for any shirts or dresses to hang, we’ll neatly fold everything else.

It’s best to give us your washing in a basket, we’ll use it to return folded items.

Just ask if you would like us to confirm how many items we have and how much it will cost.

Happy to accommodate specific ironing requirements (creases / pleats etc)? Just let us know.

Payment is due when collecting, you can pay by cash or card, including contactless. Just ask if you would like receipt sent to your mobile.

How to Get The Best Ironing

Remove More Creases!

  • Lay shirts, trousers & dresses flat (loosely folded) in your basket
  • Use fabric softener – for clothes that allow it
  • If you use a tumble dryer, please dry for the minimum time, so that it’s only just dry. Drying your clothes for longer will “set” creases!
  • Take clothes off the washing line / radiator as soon as they’re dry
  • Drop off as soon as you can, avoid creases
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